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Viewpoint About the Jeck Sublimation Ink Using in the Digital Printing



During the development and testing phase, creators J-Teck sublimation ink experimented with direct printing to coated and some uncoated textiles - resulting in a faster and more reliable result, in many cases. "Tests revealed that, no matter how the print was produced, if NPT inks were used with a good ICC profile, significantly less ink was used, due to the high dye density," comments Grasselli . "Combined with the drop in downtime caused by fewer head clogs and with less heat build up at the head prolonging the life of the print head itself, users have reported a potentially huge impact on reducing production costs."


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J-Teck also claim improved sublimation ink stability during transport and storage, ensuring superior batch quality and consistent results for the user. Increased ease and speed of ink production at J-Tecks Como, Italy production plant, using new high tech ink processing equipment ensures faster ink production times. "As a company we have invested a lot of time and money in the technology to fully develop and test our product before we released it on to the market," comments J-Teck's President Dr. Gianni Cavallini. "Our stringent quality control procedures and faster production have enabled us to produce several different ink types and colours which cover specialist sublimation techniques. Tests show that they have an industry beating wash fastness and weatherability."


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Printing, perhaps more than many industries, is keen to embrace a new technology if a competitive advantage can be gained. If it enables us to do things faster, better , more cheaply and still stay reliable it is surely an innovation worth having. Only time will tell whether this is the start of a genuine revolution in the type of sublimation ink that becomes the industry standard, but if the early results across other European countries are typical, Nantodot Pigment Technology is likely to here making an impact for the foreseeable future.


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