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Sublimation Printing Technology: The Evolution of Sublimated Soccer Jerseys


The designing industry is blooming like a flower. With the swift evolution in the field of science & technology, the new technologies are coming to surface. One such gift of science is sublimation printing technology. This is a new age digital printing technique that helps in providing high-definition prints to the fabric. Nowadays, the colorful patterns are highly demanded on the fabric. This technology has the power to provide amazing designs to the fabric.


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The evolution in the fashion industry has influenced the sporting events. Nowadays, the players want to look great during the game. To meet this requirement, the sublimated soccer jersey manufacturers are offering their collection in exotic designs and shades. In addition to this, the customized designs are also fast becoming popular. These are specially created designs in which the special attributes like player name, team name, team number & logo is provided. In addition to this, awesome range of designs are also provided on the fabric.


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In order to provide wonderful patterns on the fabric, the designers are heavily relying on the computer tools. First of all, they create motifs using computer tools. Afterwards, these get imprinted on the fabric using sublimation printing technology. This technology requires transfer paper for the printing of the designs on the fabric. The computer aided designs first get imprinted on the transfer paper and then from this paper, the motifs get imprinted on the fabric. These prints have the property that they don't lose their radiance even in tough playing conditions.


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The sublimated soccer jerseys are equipped with the customized designs. These are specially crafted as per the needs of the teams. These help in providing the unique identity to the teams. It is the desire of every playing team to have amazing looks during the game. The customized designs also help in providing notable features like team name & team logo.


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