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 Share You The Detail Information About the Process Of Sublimation Printing



In the sublimation printing innovation the designs first created using the computer tools, then the sublimation transfer paper comes into play. This is certainly the most important part in the whole procedure. The computer-created designs first get imprinted on this paper. Afterward, this paper is used to provide designs to the fabric with the help of the heating & pressure applications.


sublimation printing


As mentioned above, you use the papers during the printing process. The process is divided into three steps: printing your image, transferring your image, and washing. You need to carefully follow the instructions and do all the right things to achieve perfect results. When printing your image, print on the bright white side of the paper. Also, remember to flip your image before undertaking the printing.


sublimation printing


When transferring your image, remember to preheat your sublimation paper and place your image face down. To keep the paper at the right place, use a heat transfer tape. When it comes to washing, wash the paper with cold water. For best results, use a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or bleach alternatives as they can damage the paper. 


sublimation printing


This is what you need to know about sublimation paper. As mentioned above, for you to get ideal results in your work, use a high-quality paper. This calls for you to buy a paper with all the three coatings. To increase your chances of purchasing a high-quality sublimation paper, buy from a reputable store.


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