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Understanding The Sublimation Paper And The Common Usage



The sublimation paper is used in heat transfer printing. This is a professional way of customizing puzzles, shirts, coasters, mouse pads and many other types of equipment.


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The unit is made up of three parts: base paper, anti-curling coating, and ink-absorbing coating. The ink-absorbing coating is the functional layer. Its primary role is to hold the sublimation dye in place for the process to be a success. The coating contains filler that can be silica, clay, or calcium carbonate. The coating also contains binders such as latexes, polyvinyl alcohol, and acrylics. The quality of this layer significantly affects the ink absorption rate.


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There are two types of base papers in the market that you can go for: sublimation and offset base papers. The sublimation base paper unit is made up of hardwood and softwood pulp that provides high-heat durability. The offset base sheet is made up of waste papers pulp such as magazines and newspapers.


The anti-curling coating prevents the sublimation coating from curling when it gets wet. Due to the extra cost that comes with adding this coating, most manufacturers avoid this layer which results to poor quality sublimation paper. When buying the paper, you should carefully take a look at the different layers. For perfect results, purchase a paper with all the coatings.


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