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Do You Know The Difference Between Sublimation Ink And Normal Ink



Dye sublimation ink differs from common dye-based ink because the ink is transferred to the medium from a solid state to a gaseous state, sublimation ink ( dye sublimation ink), is made up of sublimation disperse dye and a carrier . The carrier includes water (or solvent,or oil), and some chemical addition ingredient.The disperse sublimation dye has hydrophobic and polar groups ,so it has a very good affinity for synthetic fibers, plastics,the color is very vivid. What’s more, it can spread to the internal fiber and plastic, so when they are transferred to the substrates, the color fastness is very good. Also, the Chromatography is complete, vivid color, color strength, color fastness and washing fastness reach more than 4.5. The sublimation ink is non-toxic ,no pollution and environmental.


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Sublimation ink has to pass strict QC process in both production and out-going QC. For each color each batch of ink we will load to the printer for actual printing. There should be no breaking lines in continuous printing. So compare with the traditional printing method, sublimation transfer is more beautiful, it could restore the original design better, and the final color on the textile is vivid, vibrant, high-saturated, what’s the most important, it will protect our green earth very well.

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