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How About the Advantages Outdoor Usage& Unsuitable Substrates for Dye Sublimation Banners.




Now many shops using sublimated banners outdoors, substrates for fabric printing, and opting for display. Why can’t dye sublimation printed banners or other items be used out-of-doors? I am not sure exactly who fed that information to you, but it is absolutely and unequivocally untrue. For instance, one of the most popular places to use dye sublimation printing is on snowboards. Another is light pole banners. There are several fabrics that can be used for display graphics outdoors at outdoor trade shows. Another place that dye sublimation printing is used is on gazebo covers. The top and edges can be printed with graphics and advertising, and dye sub printing will last a long time outdoors. flags can also be printed using dye sublimation.


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Anything that has not been treated with a polymer spray cannot be printed. It is the polymer spray that makes certain items like snowboards, glass, wood, or coffee cups printable with the dye sub method. Natural fibers are also not printable using dye sublimation printing, because the pores of the materials such as cotton or linen are simply not polymeric like polyester, nylon, or orlon. 


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Because of the plasticity of these materials, the heat and pressure applied to the married sublimation transfer paper and the synthetic fiber fabrics mentioned above, the cells will open up to accept the gaseous dye, then close again, sealing in the dye. This can’t happen with natural fibers, because they’re not plasticky like polymeric fabrics are. So, most any item that has been treated with polymeric spray, or is a polymer material like plastic, it should be printable. Natural fibers, not so much.


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