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The Lowest Price Dye Sublimation Paper Really Good For You?


Now many company add the sublimation material market, they there are some low price sublimation paper appear in the market, is that paper really good for you? Recently, we got some feedbacks from customers that the sublimation paper they bought from other suppliers has a lot of problems. Although it is a little bit cheaper than ours. And here is our answers to them why our sublimation paper can not be the cheapest one in the market.


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First, we have our own paper factory, so we can have a strict inspection on the base paper we use to manufacture the sublimation paper. If there is some dust or stains on the base paper, it will lower the transfer yield. And it could be worse, that will make the print where there is some stains can not be transfer onto the fabric. But a lot of customers did not realize this until the transfer process is being done and they saw some black spot on the base paper.


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Second, it is about the coating. Especially the coating for sticky sublimation paper, if the coating is not good enough, and when you put the roll onto printer for printing, you will see the stickiness stick on the paper and damage the sublimation paper.


The last factor could the manufacturing environment. Even though you have the best base paper and coating, but if you neglect the manufacturing environment, the final products will not be good enough. That why we monitoring the temperature and humidity of the manufacturing environment, as well as making sure it is dustless during manufacturing.


All that factors adds up is why we still have our stand in this market. Because we have a thorough inspection from step one to the final products. Although our price may not be the cheapest, but we ensure you the best quality sub paper.That is we always are striving for.


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