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Whats the Advantages for Original Sublinova Smart Sublimation Ink?



Sublinova smart inks have the ability to be used not only for direct printing onto fabrics without using heat transfer paper, but also traditional heat transfer printing on transfer paper.  For smooth ink flow without head clogging, we make particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm (0.1um) and use the high-class dyes to keep their colour shade in harsh conditions. The SubliNova Smart inks have superior printing quality under various printing environments. 


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Inktec Dye Sublimation inks can be used for direct printing onto fabrics as well as using the traditional method of heat transfer paper. In 1 litre bottles for printers using DX4 and DX5 piezo printheads. Inktec Dye Sublimation ink produces images that are vibrant & intense in colour with a strong outdoor durability. 


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Follow are the main advantages for the Sublinova Smart dye sublimation ink.

1.  Low maintenance, long-lasting head performance

2.  Stability of high speed printing

3.  Fast drying time on transfer paper

4.  Suitable for the plotters equipped with epson DX4,DX5 and DX7 printhead

5. Universal for both direct and transfer printing

6.  Intense and vibrant colors

7.  Strong light fastness

8.  Enhanced productivity

9.  Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOC’s and compliance with RoHS.


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Sublinova Smart dye sublimation ink can use on the Polyester and polyamide fabrics, spandex, lycra, nylon used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing also can use on the  Plastic substrates like skis, snowboards, skateboards and mixed synthetic fabrics(used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing) with a minimum polyester content of 60%


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