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How About The Futuristic Clothing Trend :Dye Sublimation Printing


With the market for short-run, highly customized products taking off, printers are finding that the unique imaging capabilities of dye sublimation are providing great opportunities for growth. Regarded as one of the most creative sectors of the global print industry, dye sublimation offers a wide range of opportunities to print companies across the market.




The word ‘sublimation’ might sound like a headache to many. However, the sublimation printing technique is actually easy to understand. Basically, it refers to all-over printing, with an emphasis on the all-over part. Whereas printing techniques like direct to garment, screen printing and transfer printing result in a blank space around the design, dye sublimation covers everything. Areas that were previously unreachable in printing can be covered, including zippers and seams.




Now for the complicated part, how this technique actually works. To achieve sublimation printing, a computer printer that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates is required. The required design is then loaded onto a special kind of transfer paper and is then transferred onto the garment using a commercial heat press. The dye does not become a liquid but instead a gas, magic? Basically, this means that the dye becomes part of the makeup of the fabric.



The vibrant images and colours it provides are bound to turn heads. This is great for anyone wanting their design to stand out and get attention. Whether it’s a logo, a slogan, or an image, it’s bound to get noticed. You don’t have to include something surreal of humorous for it to get recognition, the fact it’s essentially covered the top half of a person is enough.


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