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Share You Seven Points To Perfect Your Sublimation Printing(二)


Follow the last article , today we will share you the follow 3 one.



You can set default characteristics for each media you use. You can calibrate your sublimation printer for a specific material and save those calibration settings as a Preset. The next time you switch to that media, you only need to load that Preset and the printer will adjust its calibration settings to that media. Newer Roland printers will even allow you to name the Presets for easy identification . This can be a great time saver and allows less experienced users to operate the printer without having to rerun calibrations.


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Each media you use on your printer has unique properties. For example, a 2mm cast vinyl has a different thickness than a 500g block-out banner. The distance from the surface of the head to the surface of the media is different as is the way each media feeds through the printer. So, it is critical that you recalibrate your printer for each type of media you use. The two basic calibrations are feed calibration. Feed calibration adjusts the distance the media travels through the printer after each print pass. Bidirectional calibration ensures that the print heads are placing dots in the exact same spot in both travel directions of the head carriage (each “pass”).


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Use original sublimation inks, We know that in this tough economy the temptation is strong to save money wherever possible. Ink is not the place to economize. Regardless of what the manufacturers tell you, 3rd party inks will change the colour output of your prints, which will force you to find or create new profiles. Issues like density, dry times and potential damage to sensitive components of your printer will ultimately affect your ability to create consistent prints and may end up being much more expensive than the savings you realize by purchasing these inks over the original inks.


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