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Share You Six Points To Perfect Your Sublimation Printing(一)


Wouldn’t it be great to get consistent, predictable and high quality output from your large format sublimation printer every time you hit the print button? Well, the following points will help you achieve and maintain a high level of print quality that your clients will appreciate and will make them come back with new orders. Follow are the perfect tips we share you.


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1. Wipers

Wipers are the single greatest asset you have for clean print heads. Too often so-called print head failures or print quality issues are the result of dirty wipers. Our advice is to change your wipers early and often.


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2. Cleaning liquid

Make sure you always have a bottle of the appropriate cleaning solution for the ink in your sublimation printer. Inspect your print heads once a week and clean them with a foam swab soaked in cleaning solution. You can see ink buildup disappear and your heads return to pristine condition. Please remember never to use a swab to rub the bottoms of your print heads, only the sides where the ink has built up. Let the wipers clean the surface of the head.


3. Schedule maintenance

Regular inspection and cleaning of your printer will ensure consistent high-level print quality. Clean the heads, wipers, and captops. Wipe any excess ink off the platen and make sure there is nothing impeding the path of the media. We recommend you to maintain your Roland printer once a week. It only takes 10 minutes.


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