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How About the New Products Large Format 3.2M Dye Sublimation Printer



Today we will introduce you our latest 3.2M sublimation printer, dual production mode textile printer. This newest model comes configured with Four GEN5 Print Heads configuration for speeds up to 4Pass(720x720dpi), 430sqft(40sqm/h).


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This Sublimation Printer is identical in size, format, and build specifications to its sister model except that this new printer incorporates an advanced media handling system in the rear of the printer to accommodate both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric media.it comes standard with an internal vacuum system to securely hold down transfer paper, especially thin paper, and prevent cockling. The printer also comes standard with an ink collection gutter assembly to handle direct-to-fabric printing on polyester or mesh-type textiles. 


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The Sublimation Printer with Ricoh Gen5 head model offers customers multiple price points with print head configuration options that relate to end user budget considerations and application requirements. Textile shops will definitely benefit from textile printers utilizing dual production media modes, saving the expense and space of owning two separate printers.


Our company has raised the bar with these new dual production textile printers that incorporate innovative and advanced media handling systems along with dual purpose sublimation ink solutions. In the 3.2-meter-wide textile printer marketplace, we are now setting the standard for dual mode production textile printers that are designed for the large textile print shops requiring around-the-clock, reliable, heavy-duty capacity work flow production. If you are in the large format textile printing market, why not have a try, best quality and price for you! 


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