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What Is The Common Usage Of 100gsm Roll Sublimation Paper ?

 It is well-known that dye sublimation transfer paper is one of heat sublimation transfer paper which is which has been used for the printing of light or white coloured fabric. For dye sublimation printing only polyester fabric has been used or the fabric that is the mixture of cotton and polyester with the polyester percentage being at least 50%. Even you can use nylon as well for this type of printing.The basic benefit of this type of printing is that the printer ink (sublimation ink)will be transform intogas without going through the liquid stage. In this type of printing only special colours would be used such as CMYO instead of CMYK which do not allow creating shadow on the image.

sublimation printing

Many people say heat transfer paper is the best paper ,however,do you know the reason ?That is because heat transfer paper can be can be used in various printing method to transfer the image from the transfer paper to various objects such as fabric, wood, ceramic cups, tiles and many more with the same effect as like screen printing method.Transfer paper has give advantage to digital printing for printing the desired image that you want to get on your t-shirt or required cloth. This is a hot spit method where the ink has been split between the paper and the object for the image impression.

sublimation printing

Sublimation printing with dye sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paperis the process in which a material changes from a frozen solid to a gas without passing through the intermediate liquid state.More info,pls click this.