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Do You Know What Kind Of Sublimation Paper Will Be Better for you?



Sublimation Paper has been widely used in the market, it is developed specifically for the general transfer process. Applicable to all kinds of inkjet printer,higher quality and lower price.Different gram from 60 to 120, how to choose the best for use? Generally speaking, there are just 3 kind of paper, quick dry, tacky, and the thin paper.


sublimation paper


1. Quick-dry sublimation paper: The paper will be dry after printing. Then dry-heater power can be reduced greatly so that cost will be reduced and the picuture color will be clear. 100gsm is the famous on this kind, suit for Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and Ricoh


2. The Sticky sublimation paper: This kind of sticky paper is designed for shrunk fabric.The paper will stick to the fabrics so that the quality will be improved greatly, 100gsm tacky use mostly during all gram, suit for Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Ricoh, Bncad and Custom Printers. 


sublimation paper


3. Thin sublimation paper: This kind of paper can be used by some specilized sector to reduce the cost. This kind have 60gsm, 70gsm and 80gsm, its better for the MS-JP machine, also the reggiani, so many customer need jumbo roll, like 500m/roll and 7000m/roll


The Sublimation transfer paper use inkjet printer with sublimation heat transfer  ink to print in the transfer paper in mirror way.When heat transfer equipment heat up to 220°C,the ink on the sublimation paper will penetrate in the substrate. It is new craft to transfer the colorful image into the substrate.For there is no film on the surface of substrate, the hand feeling and visual effect is better than the other methods of heat transfer.


sublimation paper


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