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 Do You Know Whats The Difference Between Epson Mimaki Mutoh And Roland


We are the lead manufacture of the sublimation transfer paper, we have many over sea customer, different customer use different printing manchine, sometimes we will meet many problem, so today we will simple analyze some popular printers.


sublimation printer


Each brand focuse on the different points, EPSON's speed will be slower, but with high precision and simple operation. MUTOH, MIMAKI, Roland have the high print speed and stable quality suit for industrial production.


EPSON suit for the customer who have the high requirement for the print accuracy.


sublimation printer


MUTOH operation is simple, no require for the ink, have the stable print quality, easy to find the accessories, also the accessories are cheap.


MIMAKI personal feeling is more stable than MUTOH, printing more sophisticated but this printer need the high quality ink, just means, the better ink, the better image you print. 


sublimation printer


ROLAND machines are mainly done by the agent in one area, services and machines are okay,But the binding things are more. If the factory production of high value-added products,no need consider money, manybe you can choose it.


sublimation printer


In general, this brand machine all good for use, just focuse on the different points, so depand on your need to choose the best machine.


We supplier many kinds Sublimation Material like Sublimation paper, sublimation ink also the sublimation printer, any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!


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