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 How Mimaki CJV150 Series Printer Combine Printing With Cutting?



Mimaki CJV150 Series high-speed, large-format, solvent printer/cutter devices go beyond extraordinary to deliver a wide range of applications. Eco-Solvent inks in a variety of colors including silver, - and advanced printing technologies means you can produce anything in a single unit that fits your workflow. Precision cutting capability gives you the ability to deliver custom and short-run items such as labels, T- shirt transfers or package prototypes.


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With the Mimaki CJV150 printers superb quality, color fidelity and flexibility plus cutting capability you’ll go beyond the expected to increase your business and deliver more than your customers can imagine.Four model widths: 32-inch (800 mm)43-inch (1090 mm)54-inch (1361 mm)64-inch (1610 mm)


Highlights of the Mimaki CJV150 Series Cut and Print Capability: The ability to pre-cut before printing prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials. 


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Eco Solvent or Dye Sublimation: The Mimaki CJV150 Printer can be configured for either eco solvent printing for sign and graphics applications or for dye-sublimation printing for textile and apparel transfer sublimation applications. Expanded Eco Solvent Ink Set with Silver: The SS21 eco solvent ink set includes ten colors including Silver, which can be used to create metallic color effects for labels, decals and package prototyping jobs. 


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