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How To Avoid Non-stick or Sticky Problem When Using Sticky Sublimation Paper?


How can we use a good sticky sublimation transfer paper, to avoid non-stick or sticky situation?First of all, we have to understand the impact of adhesive paper and fabric bonding strength of the factors, the adhesion between the fabric and adhesive paper by the following aspects: A. Sticky sub-paper stickiness grade B. Fabric type C. Environmental humidity D. Customer's pattern E. Preservation of sticky paper


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The following for each sticky influencing factors one by one analysis: A. Sticky sublimation paper stickiness level: different for the customer's fabric, the ambient air humidity varies throughout the year, the adhesive strength of the adhesive paper is also different, in addition to most of the fabric for the ordinary adhesive paper, developed a Kind of high sticky paper. High sticky paper relative to the ordinary sticky paper, bond strength increased by 50%, other performance indicators are quite suitable for relatively dry autumn and winter season, or customer graphics light-based, fabric is more smooth application scenarios. B. The type of fabric: the fabric is a major factor affecting the cohesive force, the more smooth the fabric, the lower the bond strength between the adhesive paper and the fabric, the adhesive in the heat transfer process, State, if the fabric smoothness, then provide less adhesive bond force. Encounter smooth elastic fabric, it is recommended to choose high-quality paper.


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Ambient humidity: Sticky sublimation paper viscosity strength and the transfer process of Select the appropriate adhesive strength of the sticky paper (according to fabric, season, pattern); attention to the transfer process of water (fabric moisture, paper moisture); Note that the preservation of sticky paper (unused adhesive paper is sealed and the printed adhesive paper is transferred in time).


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