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Why Mimaki JV300-160A Printer Have So Good Outstanding Performance?



As we all know, Mimaki JV300-160A inkjet printer has the high-speed, high-quality printing is in high demand in the sign and graphics market.today we will introduce you why this machine have so good outstanding performance.


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Mimaki JV300 series has high ink performance and machine technology that achieves outstanding speed, Newly developed ink that creates value-added printing, Print quality control technique that delivers stunning print results, Continuous print operation solutions 


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Two newly-developed staggered print heads deliver a wider print swath. Each ink color has its own specific gravity and viscosity. To achieve precise ink droplet placements onto the media, Mimaki designed an optimum waveform, which allows the print head to jet each ink color at the appropriate jetting angle without losing excellent ink droplet circularity . Moreover, various ink droplet sizes are precisely placed from the minimum size of 4pL to the maximum size of 35pL. Small droplets create high-resolution and beautiful printing, and large droplets are very useful for speed printing. The Mimaki JV300-160 satisfies a wide range of customer requirements, including beautiful high-quality printing at productive speeds


Sb53 ink is a water-based sublimation ink that produces bright colors and enables high-density printing. The ideal print material is polyester, which is used for apparel fabric, sports uniforms, and swimsuits, as well as for soft signage. The sedimentary degree of the Sb53 ink is lower than a conventional sublimation ink, resulting in a much more stable print without uneven colours. 


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Ink and media shortage, clogged nozzles, and other minor problems influence stable productivity. JV300 fully supports continuous printing with reliable technologies.


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