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Manufacture Teach You How to Storage Sublimation Transfer Paper?



First introduced constitute sublimation transfer paper under the section as sandwiches, on the top floor is to absorb ink and dye separation functional coating, is located in the middle of the paper, the ground floor is resistant to warpage coating. This three- layer structure consisting of a rational division of labor inkjet sublimation transfer paper, transfer paper indicators with good use of effects like, otherwise there will be this kind of application problems exposed.


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Storage a printed sublimation transfer paper, try to do rolling storage. printed transfer paper, plastic bags can be put on loose after a good roll upright, open mouth bags to volatilize into the air in the transfer paper in the water. printed transfer paper is best stored in low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15- 30 ℃), which facilitates the transfer paper moisture evaporation, Printed sublimation transfer paper, generally require one hour after the re-transfer, then try to store five hours after the transfer, let it dry before you can go to the transfer, if the transfer went without drying, the paper water turns to vapor at high temperatures interfere with the effect of the transfer, so that there is mist, color and so on. To ensure that each batch of the degree of drying pattern close to the same color.


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In transfer printing, we will use a equipment- heat press machine, and adjust the temperature of it can adjust the heat. Too much or too little heat are usually problematic and result in over pressing or under pressing of the substrate. Uneven heating on the press is also an issue and results in spottiness where parts of the substrate sublimate properly but other parts don’t. It is a good idea to invest in temperature strips or a thermal gun, both of which map out the temperature of the heat platen. If there are any inconsistencies or cold spots, it is best to call the manufacturer of the press. 


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