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Some Base Requirements for Sublimation Paper Choosing


In all printing methods, the variety and purpose of printing production determines the basic requirements of sublimation printing paper, such as, thermal transfer paper weight, thickness, whiteness, opacity and roughness, digital printing in these areas also No exception. In addition, it also has a series of special requirements for thermal transfer paper, which is determined by the digital printing itself.


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Electronic photographic technology is a regular replication technique for scaling digital printing, copying, and desktop printing. To ensure accurate and normal implementation of this technology, sublimation transfer paper is required to maintain both flat and three-dimensional changes in temperature and humidity Of the stability, and the tendency of lower curl and tilt. 


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These are typical defects in the transport, storage, printing, finishing and printing stages.A deeper level, the photographic paper must have sufficient friction, surface conductivity, enough stiffness, in addition, also requires thermal transfer paper in the printing and printing process can not afford to lose powder, The effect of heat transfer paper on print quality must be carefully considered, and tone transfer is achieved by the power of the electronic field, which means that the heat transfer paper must be adjusted to the correct level.


It must be borne in mind that the moisture content of the heat transfer paper will greatly affect its electrical properties, thus affecting printability, which is very important. Similarly, photographic printing can be achieved by the correct machine equipment, but it is also affected by the thermal transfer paper smoothness. In photographic printing paper, the fiber distribution and filling of thermal transfer paper are equally important. 


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