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What Should We Know About High Speed Printing Sublimation Paper



The transferring process can’t be done with just any ink, paper, or printing. These three components need to coincide with one another to create the perfect product. With the new technology of high speed printing came the innovation of better ink and fast-drying sublimation paper.

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The M.S Printer is an innovative work of technology that requires special paper. The printer works at exceptionally high speeds, thus requiring the paper to dry very fast. If the wrong paper is used, the product can be compromised. High speed printing allows for jobs to get done fast and more efficiently. There are few companies that offer the unique paper required for this particular printer. The M.S High Speed sublimation paper comes in a variety of sizes. The paper can dry within 10 seconds and has a high transfer ratio efficiency to maximize the success of the printing result.


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Fast Dry Type Paper works great for printers that print at high speeds and need paper than can keep up. This paper comes in many sizes of rolls to meet your unique printing needs. Furthermore, it has high stability for high color reproduction. This paper is perfect for polyester t-shirts, sports uniforms, and felts. It can also be used for hard materials such as ceramics or skis.


When you take the time to get the perfect sublimation paper for your high-speed printing, you show clients that you take your products just as seriously as they do. Getting the right paper the first time around will save you time and money. High quality paper ensures your printing will be rich in color and fulfilled to the fullest extent. Investing in a high-speed printer means that you also have to take the time to invest in quality, fast drying paper.


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Working in the printing business, you understand the importance of getting jobs done fast to satisfy clients. Thanks to quality high-speed printers and fast drying paper, getting a job done fast does not mean doing a sloppy job. We supplier many kinds Sublimation Material like Sublimation paper, sublimation ink also the sublimation printer, any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!


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