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 Epson 9700 Printer vs Mutoh RJ-900 Printer Which Will Be Better



There is so much behind buying a wide format printer and there is not one that is right for everyone. We started with an Epson F9200 and moved over to a Mutoh RJ900. Both have advantages and minuses. 


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If it was my first wide format I would lean to the Epson due to better support, much better paper handling. If you have not done so the first thing I would start with is what ink are you going to use. That narrows down the printer and who to purchase it from. The most critical thing is ongoing support/warranty. You want to purchase the ink and the printer from the same company. Even at that you want to clearly understand the warranty lenght and who is actually going to service the printer in your specific region. This is critical. 


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Understand that you instantly void the warranty, from the manufacture, the second you put dye sublimation ink into the printer. Your warranty work moving forward will be spearheaded by the company you purchased the printer from. If you do not use their ink you have now voided the implied warranty from the company you purchased the printer from. Again, make sure you understand completly what happens if you if the printer fails under "warranty". Really there are three key parts that you need to worry about - print head, dampers, cap/pump station. These are not cheap nor is the labor to replace.


Regardless of what is stated and what the laws are real world is the manufacture WILL void the warranty using dye sub ink and your printer distributor WILL void the warranty if you do not use their ink. You tell them to prove the sublimation ink caused the damage as some will say is law and they will laugh at you.  This is why you need to make sure about the ink you want to use. Get samples from several ink vendors and compare colors. Unless you have seen incredible colors you may not even realize you are looking at sub par colors from another vendor. Happens all the time. 


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