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 How Can Get Rid of The Sublimation ink on Your Clothes?



Sublimation ink is very important for the inkjet digital printer, inkjet digital printer work every day are inseparable from the sublimation ink . Has been to help the machine to complete the task, but there are many color friends in the use of a poor sublimation ink after the emergence of the nozzle damage phenomenon. The quality of the poor results, the use of cheap ink to some extent can indeed save some money, but did not calculate the nozzle if the damage to the loss of funds than the ink savings more than several times.


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So if the use of the process in the nozzle bad, accidentally put the dye sub ink to the clothes or other fabrics, how to clean better? In fact, know the real machine friends will find clothes can not wash the words can only throw or accidentally touched the skin is not beautiful.


First, if you accidentally get the sublimation ink on the clothes, then you can immediately take off to clean, but also can take the detergent and rice and mix thoroughly and then scrub, or add detergent completely soaked. For white or fiber material can be used to bleach and 84 disinfectant to clean, but the difficulty of cleaning is relatively large, then you can continue for half an hour, and then gradually rubbing wash. The basic ink stains can be removed. But the effect of different materials, clothing cleaning will be different. 


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Second, if the sublimation ink is stained on the skin, try to avoid the ink of the ink machine is the way to re-operation of the process as much as possible to bring gloves, put on gloves after the operation of the pictorial machine can also avoid the appearance of static electricity, affecting the print The effect is still touched on the skin, then you can repeatedly scrub the water, you can also use the essential oil or cleansing oil rub rub in the Department, so that the ink stains on the skin can become lighter, as long as the repeated rubbing a few All over the skin, and then use the wet paper towel to wipe, you can put the picture machine stained with ink stains removed.


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