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 Colors are Missing-What Should You Do when It Occurs in Sublimation Printing?



With the development of sublimation printing techonology, there are less problem we will meet during printing. Today we will share you how to solve the color missing problem.


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The images quality is usually a common issue we concerned when sublimation printing. But sometimes, we will find that the colors are missing and prints lack shadows and contrast.If this problems occurs, do you know how to solve it ? If the colors begin to print inconsistently, you can try to replace you ink cartridge before your printer instructs you to replace a cartridge.Generally speaking, this methods may improve color quality.


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If there's enough sublimation ink but your print seems to be missing a particular color, you probably have a clogged nozzle, so you'll need to clean your print head. If your print lacks shadows and contrast, the black ink cartridge is the likely culprit.


Color quality can also suffer if ink cartridges have been in the printer for more than six months. Try swapping in a new cartridge. If your image looks psychedelic, make sure you haven't loaded an ink cartridge in the wrong color slot--most modern printers will warn you if this happens. 


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