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How Many Types Of Inks Are Used For Full Color Sublimation Prints



If you begin a dye sublimation printing business for your marketing campaign, your printer may present you with several ink options. These include dye-based inks, pigmented inks and UV curable inks. These substances have certain features in common such as delivering good quality full color prints. But they also have different properties so not all of them may fit into your requirements or the use of your printouts.


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CMYK is different from the RGB color space found in screens and LCDs. This is why it is important to convert the image space prior to printing. Altering is made easy through image editing softwares


Colors that make up full color prints,Printers use an image space called CMYK which is an abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and the key color black. Although limited to four, these colors can be used to produced hundreds more of specific shades. These are combined at varying intensities and the result is an extensive color gamut that can respond to most colors found in images.


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Dye sublimation ink is more common used today.Dye-based inks are smooth-flowing water-soluble substances which have vibrant colors but have low lightfastness. Lightfastness refers to the ability to resist fading brought about by exposure to light.



This type of ink can be absorbed by most paper media. Since they dissolve in water, accidental spills, rain or even moisture can ruin prints easily. Hence, they are not suitable for outdoor display or for labels that will be exposed to wet areas.Some dye- based inks are mixed with solvents to facilitate drying. Others apply a layer of coating to protect the inks. Dye-based inks can lower the cost of production since they are relatively.


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In a word, different printers offer different ink options. Ask them first what ink they use for the specific product your want, e.g., postcards, and then ask them what will best suit it to get the best quality full color prints for your project.


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