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 Why More People Choosing Dye Sublimation For Textile Production?



Everyone may know more or less when it comes to the sublimation printing. The clothes we wear are mostly made by polyester, and most colorful polyester are made with sublimation printing technology. Recently, the sublimation printing market is very hot, and many foreign customers prefer to importing sublimation paper, sublimation ink, printer or something else from China. But, have you ever wondered why?


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The costs As we all know, sublimation printing are mainly used for polyester, and most countries like use polyester to make clothes, so it means sublimation printing has a large market in garment industrial at least. Besides, the costs is the most important factor which lead to the explosive growth of the sublimation printing. According to many surveys, the cost of sublimation printing is the nearest to the cost of traditional printing.


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More and more economy print heads have been used In 2016 ITMA EXPO, the common print heads are Epson print heads(38%), Ricoh print heads(20%) and Dimatix print heads(20%). Epson print heads are the most popular one, and most our customers in developing country are always consulting the information about Epson print heads. And i believe, more and more economy print heads will appear in the near future to meet the requirement of the market.


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Low cost sublimation ink As we all know, Chinese sublimation ink usually have good quality and low price. In many developing countries, they pursue lower costs, and the quality of Chinese sublimation ink is totally acceptable. So, Chinese sublimation ink is a good choice for them. And no matter you pursue high quality or low quality printing result, if you import from China, you can find everything you want. We can offer you one-stop sublimation printing.


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