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 Have You Really Learn the Adhesive Sublimation Transfer Paper You Use



Adhesive sublimation paper are next in our discussion of decoration using heat transfer processes. Also called a surface transfer, this process involves physical materials that are permanently applied using adhesives. An image is printed onto transfer paper, which is then applied to the surface of a garment using a heat press. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive on the back of the paper, causing it to stick. Think of it as welding the transfer to the product.


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The construction of such papers is pretty basic. Because the ink will not be transferring off of the surface, the adhesive heat transfer paper is engineered solely to accept and preserve the ink that is applied to it. The key ingredient is a heat-activated adhesive coating on the backside.


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The adhesive transfer process is akin to applying an emblem. It’s vital that all excess paper be trimmed away so that only the contour-cut image is being applied. We can’t overstate how critical it is that you trim your transfers to the boundaries of the print. Otherwise, you’ll have unwanted white edges peeking out once the transfer is permanently bonded to the shirt.


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Early-age adhesive sublimation papers were pretty low quality in terms of image resolution and product longevity. It didn’t take many washings before the transfer begin to crack and peel. As a result, the process got a bad name. Over the years, opaque style papers have greatly improved, thanks to new technologies and processes. In fact, there are now stretchable versions that allow the image to stretch with the garment - an important factor in preventing premature deterioration of the transfer.


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