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From Modern Apparel Side Learn The Dye Sublimation Printing



As we all know, dye sublimation printing are hot in the modern apparel usage, colorful dress are attract many attentions, modern sublimation technology has made it easy to enter the world of digital apparel printing. New advances in sublimation printing systems have yielded high-definition printing quality, a wider range of stunning colors, faster printing speeds and simplified graphics setups. In addition, equipment prices have remained low enough that startup costs are affordable.


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Sublimation is unique in that it involves sublimation inks that bond to the fabric fibers at a sub-surface level, rather than to the surface as most other apparel decoration inks do. In fact, the latter rely on a chemical additive called a binder to adhere to fabric. Sublimation relies on molecular bonding to attach and recolor the fabric’s fibers, resulting in an image that will not crack, peel or fade when washed. Therefore, sublimation is ideal for products such as team apparel, which undergoes a lot of physical stress and numerous washing in its lifetime.


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Will it work for blends? Well, that depends on the fabric combination. In terms of poly/cotton blends, sublimation definitely will work. However, the result will be a faded or “retro” look, which can be advantageous in certain markets. The general rule of thumb with a blend is that at least 50% of it must be polyester and the remaining fibers must be able to withstand about 400˚F on the heat press. Because 100% polyester is the best fiber choice, the natural assumption is that any polyester product can be sublimated, which is not true. Sometimes certain chemicals are added to polyester garments during the manufacturing process that can inhibit sublimation. 


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