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The New Arrive MIMAKI TS300P-1800 Sublimation Printer



Recently our company add one new products mimaki ts300p-1800 sublimation printer. This printer developed specifically for the textile print industry, the revolutionary new Mimaki TS300P-1800 delivers cost effective dye sublimation printing while maintaining high quality and high productivity. Perfectly suited to the creation of fashion, apparel, sportswear, furnishings and PoS, the TS300P-1800 uses state-of-the-art technology to set new performance benchmarks for the sector.


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Mimaki TS300P printer with high-quality and high-production, is no longer a special product. Mimaki adds a new value to the next-generation printer “TS300P-1800″  like cost-effective solutions, mimaki’s print technologies for achieving beautiful printing, high productivity at 115m2/h maximum print speed

Uninterrupted printing solutions, also the high-performance RIP software TxLink3 Lite.


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The new high-gap printhead achieves high-quality printing on cockled transfer papers.Low-cost thin transfer papers are liable to cockling, which affects the quality of the printhead. To prevent the contact between the printhead and raised surface, a high head gap setting is required. In conventional models, such gap conditions reduce the accuracy of the ink droplet placement. The new TS300P-1800 employs a new printhead that ensures accurate ink droplet placement with a high head gap, thereby enabling high-quality printing on thin papers.  


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The Sb410 original sublimation ink has superior re-solubility properties. Therefore, dried inks adhered around nozzles are easily wiped off with cleaning solutions. The improved resolvability also ensures more stable ink jetting, thereby improving the print production yield. Moreover, because the ink stability is improved, fewer regular cleanings are required, further contributing to cost reduction.


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