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 Do You Know Why Sublimation Printer Superior To Inkjet Printer?


Many people may be very familiar with Sublimation printer application and technology, in fact, sublimation printer is mainly through the use of thermal energy to transfer the pigment to the printing medium on the instrument, it can be adjusted by the semiconductor heating element to control the different temperature to control the proportion of color and shade. It has a continuous color characteristics, print out the image, such as spray-like delicate lubrication, especially for exquisite delicate skin texture requirements, but also long-term preservation is not fading characteristics.


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As the dye sublimation printer is through the heating time and temperature control, so each print color point can show a 256 color level changes; and inkjet printer is to ink to simulate the color changes, can not control each one The color point of the concentration changes, so need to use 256 inkjet points to be able to show the 256-order color. It is compared with inkjet printers and color laser printers, the advantages are mainly reflected in.


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In the color of expression, the sublimation printer is much better than the inkjet printer, sublimation printer 300dpi accuracy is almost equivalent to the effect of inkjet printer 4800dpi. And it through the ribbon on each of the semiconductor elements to adjust the different temperature, you can combine the color ratio and the degree of shade, to achieve continuous color color effect. Therefore, in terms of photo print quality, the color fidelity and reducibility of the images printed by the sublimation printer are superior to those of inkjet printers and color laser printers.


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