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 Whats the Classification of Sublimation Printing Technology



Thermal transfer and sublimation transfer technology can be divided into heat transfer. Sublimation is also referred to as gas-phase heat transfer, that is, with the use of dye-sublimation conditions, by lithography, screen printing, etc. The portrait, landscape, text, etc. need to print graphic mirror-reversed the way printed on dye sublimation paper. Then printed graphics on paper substrates by heating (usually about 230 ℃) pressurizing the ink sublimation transfer paper directly from a solid into a gas, which is transferred to the graphic printing It was on. In this process, the paper called for the transfer of "sublimation transfer paper", and sublimation transfer ink is mainly composed of dye sublimation and links to material composition.


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Heat transfer using screen printing way by printing on thermal transfer paper or plastic, and then by heating and pressurizing the graphics transferred to the substrate. However, with the popularity of laser printers and sublimation inkjet printers, laser printers use a lot of small workshops will be produced with good computer graphics directly printed on transfer paper, or ink-jet printer to print graphics on plain paper printing and then with an electrostatic copier to the transfer paper, and finally, the graphic on the transfer paper by applying heat and pressure the way the transfer to the substrate. This is the digital thermal transfer technology is now widely referred to by everyone.


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Sublimation transfer printing can be widely applied to porcelain, glass, metals, plastics, cotton fabric and other materials objects, but because heat transfer by heated area, the shape of the object limit, so for different size, shape objects often need using a specific authoring tool, the current common production tools are flat heat transfer machine, hotplate machines, baking cup machine, etc


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