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How Does Sublimation Paper Influence the Sublimation Transfer Result ?



The sublimation dye is soild at room temperature, you can not print solid directly with a printer, so it needs a carrier, if the carrier is water, then it is water-based sublimation ink. Once the sublimation ink is printed onto the sublimation transfer paper, it is desirable to separate the sublimation dye from the carrier to facilitate drying, and so that the sublimation dye is concentrated at or near the paper surface.


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In general, the sublimation paper can be constructed to pull the carrier away from the sublimation dye so that the sublimation dye remains at or near the paper surface, and is available for sublimation transfer. If the carrier moves into the paper too quickly,sufficient separation of the carrier from the sublimation dye may not take place. If the carrier does not move into the paper quickly enough, the sublimation ink may have a tendency to smear or run. All in all, if those problems appear during the transfer process, the sublimation dye can not be fully transferred to the final substrate.    


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So a good quality sublimation paper not only could handle enough sublimation dye and provide a desired high fidelity image finally. but also a good quality sublimation paper, could reduce the waste amount of sublimation ink during the sublimation transfer process, this not only save your sublimation ink cost, but also could deliver enough sublimation dye to the substrate as you expected at the beginning. Everybody wants to reach a good transfer result, so we prepared high quality and expensive sublimation ink, sublimation printer, t-shirt, textile, mugs, hope them work well with each other and hand you a good finished product. Then don’t forget to choose a good sublimation paper, because if the sublimation paper doesn’t work well, you get a bad result, in other words, those expensive ink , printer, textile, mugs you paid for, they are all wasted.


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