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Do You Know What is The Function Role Of Sublimation Paper ?



When we see a sublimation product, like a sublimated t-shirt, those colors in the t-shirt is actually sublimation dyes. Those sublimation dyes stay at the t-shirt molecules permanently after the sublimation transfer ,and show on the t-shirt. Sublimation is a magic, because when you have a beautiful design in your computer , or when you have a photo that help you keep your beautiful memory and want it shows in your life, sublimation help you make it come true.     


sublimation paper


We know that the colors show in the sublimated substrate is actually sublimation dye, but when you have a photo in your computer, a set of sublimation dye, and a t-shirt, how do you make the photo finally show in your textile with the sublimation dye ? The answer is the dye sublimation paper. Sublimation paper works as an conveyor belt, we could print the sublimation dye onto the sublimation paper first, and then use this belt to transfer the sublimation dye into the textile.   


sublimation paper 


Sublimation dye wants to go into the textile, but he is not capable of doing it directly , so the sublimation paper helps them achieve their goal. This problem is solved, then the other problem appears :  I have a beautiful design , and i want it show nearly completely in the textile, nearly without any discount in the color brilliance, color saturability, so i have to send enough sublimation dye into the textile.


sublimation paper


The problem is that, even though i already sent enough sublimation dye at the beginning, but i can not control the transfer process, so sometimes, there’s no enough sublimation dye show in the substrate finally. How could i do with the part that is under my control ? The answer is that you must choose a good conveyor belt. Just like if you want to do something great, you must work with great people.    

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