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Do You Know the Structure of the Sublimation Transfer Paper(二)



For the sublimation paper, exemplary natural fibers that can be used to form the base sheet include Wood fibers and non-Wood natural fibers  such as vegetable fibers , cotton, various straWs , various canes, silk, animal fibers, grasses, hemp, com stalks, abaca, eucalyptus, etc. Examples of synthetic fibers that could be used for the base sheet include polyacrylic fibers , polyethylene fibers ,polypropylene fibers , polylactide fibers , rayon, and nylon fibers.


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Wood fiber can be obtained from Wood pulp, Which can include hardwood fiber, softwood fiber, or a blend of hardwood fiber and softwood fiber. The pulp can be provided as cellulose fiber from chemical pulped Wood, and can include a blend from coniferous and deciduous trees. By Way of example, Wood fiber can be from northern hardwood, northern softwood, southern hardwood, southern softwood,or any blend thereof. Hardwood fibers tend to be more brittle but are generally more cost effective for use because the yield of pulp from hardwood is higher than the yield of pulp from softwood. Softwood  fibers have desired sublimation paper making characteristics but are generally more expensive than hardwood fibers.


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The natural fibers can be extracted With various pulping techniques. For, example, mechanical or high yield pulping can be used for stone ground Wood, pressurized ground Wood, refiner mechanical pulp, and thermome chani cal pulp. Chemical pulping can be used incorporating kraft,sulfite, and soda processing. Semi-chemical and chemi-mechanical pulping can also be used Which includes combinations of mechanical and chemical processes to produce chemi-thermomechanical pulp. Natural fibers can be bleached or unbleached.


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