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Do You Know the Structure of the Sublimation Transfer Paper(一)



The substrate of the sublimation paper can be selected so that it has properties that are desirable for sublimation transfer paper. In general, dye sublimation paper should be sufficiently processable When processed through a printer for application of the sublimable ink thereto. In addition, the sublimation transfer paper should be sufficiently processable so that it can be combined With the sublimation print substrate and subjected to sublimation printing. If the paper substrate is too flimsy or too rigid, it may be difficult to handle for printing.


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The openness of the paper substrate can be selected to facilitate drying of the sublimation ink and to resist penetration of sublimed dye vapor to encourage the sublimed dye vapor to move toward the printing substrate that receives the final image rather than in a direction away from the printing substrate such as into the paper substrate. Accordingly, it is desirable to provide a sufficient openness so that the carrier penetrates into the paper substrate While the sublimable dye remains at or on the sublimable ink receptive coating. Furthermore, the openness should be sufficiently low so that sublimed dye resists movement into the paper substrate and is instead encourage to move toward the printing substrate to generate the final image.


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The paper substrate can be prepared from natural fiber, synthetic fibers , or a mixture of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Natural fiber refers to fibers formed from plants or animals. Natural fibers are not fibers that are formed as a result of extrusion or spinning. The natural fibers can be obtained from a source of fibers using techniques such as chemical pulping, chemical mechanical pulping, semi chemical pulping, or mechanical pulping. Natural fibers from plants are often referred to as cellulosic fibers .


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