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Why So Many customer Choose Dye Sublimation Printing Now?



Clear, Bright Colors: Unlike screen printing and other techniques, dye sublimation printing makes for refined and detailed printing of designs. Since the ink is infused within the fabric and looks one with the garment, it makes for bright and more textured prints that looks sophisticated and feels smooth.


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Room for Individual Customization: In screen printing process, there is the use of separate screens to achieve one single design with different elements of art in it. But dye sublimation printing does away with separate screens and it makes individual customization much easier. If you have a football or basketball team and need to get custom-made team uniforms with the logo and name of the club, name and number of the players and sponsors, then sublimated clothing would be your best bet. 


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Light weight and Durable: The prints are never thick or heavy in this process and the garment practically remains unchanged except for the addition of the art. The wearer is going to feel cool, dry and comfortable at all times. The print also does not crack and peel and one can be sure that it would last for as long as the garment lasts.


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