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How The Sublimation Coating Works When Doing The Heat Transfer?



As we all know the parts of sublimation paper, paper base coating with the special power, the most import among this is the power, usually we called it sublimation coating, so do you know how it works when do the sublimation printing?


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There are many small holes in the water removal layer, after the ink receiving layer absorbs the sublimation ink, those small holes in the water removal layer, they will absorb the water or solvent quickly, to help the paper drying very fast. Those small holes are round, or like balls, the diameter is 0.3-2um. According to our research, the round balls could help absorb the water or solvent the most than other shapes, that why all of our sublimation paper adopt this type of formula.


sublimation paper


The content of the water removal layer is about 2-3 grams. It can be too much or too less. If too less, then it can not absorb the water or solvent in time, then the paper dries very slowly. It also can not be too much, because if there are too much balls, they will absorb the sublimation dye after they absorb all the waters or solvents, then those sublimation dyes are unable to be transferred, the transfer result will not be very good. We have one type of sublimation paper, named “instant dry”, it dries faster than the”fast dry” type, but the transfer efficiency is not as good as “fast dry”, is because the water removal layer is more than 2-3 grams. That’s how it works .


sublimation paper


With this beautiful solution, all our sublimation papers don’t have the drying problems, including ourtacky sublimation paper 100grams. On the other hand, more and more clients are using the high speed MS JP4 ,MS JP7 or Reggiani with jumbo roll paper 1000mts, 3000mts, our fast dry sublimation paper 100gsm also works pretty good. Now in china, there are MS -JP7 printers, they are all using our sublimation paper 70gsm, 1000 meters per roll. If you want to have a try, contact us directly.


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