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What Cause Your Sublimation Paper Dry So Fast?



Due to the advantages like low-cost, environmental,easy-handle, sublimation transfer plays a more and more important role in textile industry. Many apparel factories now are replacing the traditional dying with sublimation transfer.


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Actually at the beginning , the sublimation transfer is only for small production, but later large format sublimation became more and more popular. But there’s a problem occurred is that the production efficiency is not as fast as traditional dying, due to the sublimation paper couldn’t dry completely in time, even though the sublimation printers/plotters could print very fast, this issue slower the production process. So the sublimation transfer paper manufacturer started to research and update the technology, especially the sublimation coating formula, to help the dye sublimation paper drying faster. Now this problem is solved perfectly, all the sublimation paper in the market is the “fast dry” or”quick dry” type.


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Sublimation coating is a functional part of sublimation paper, it plays several important roles at the same time, like absorb the sublimation ink, separate the sublimation dye and the base paper to prevent the sublimation dye from penetrating into the base paper, and absorb the water in the sublimation ink. The third function is the drying process.


In sublimation coating, there is a part named “water removal layer”, this part helps dealing with the drying of the paper, after the sublimation paper is printed. We use water-based sublimation ink, means the carrier is water. Only when the water is gone, all the sublimation dyes stay at the surface, the sublimation transfer result will be as good as you expected. That’s why we always emphasis that the sublimation transfer paper should be completely dry when you transfer it, otherwise the transfer result will not be good, because all the sublimation dye is unable to transferred to the textile when the paper is still wet.


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