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If The Sublimation Printer Can Have A Normal Work In A Dry Environment?


In the past article I have introduced you how to store your sublimation ink with a good temperature. Then how much does the air humidity, the temperature influence with the digital printer?What is the negative impact?


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If the sublimation printer in a dry environment, the environment is too dry and easy to produce static electricity, and the resulting high static electricity, the environment is too high on the machine equipment has a relatively large harm, the use of ink can also cause a certain Influence, it is easy to cause the situation of ink. Because the ink is easy to volatilize the solvent liquid, in the dry air volatil faster, the picture machine nozzle surface of the ink dry very fast, more likely to cause the phenomenon of nozzle clogging occurs, if the inkjet in the process of printing Ink and broken, inkjet skew phenomenon occurs, this time do not pay attention to the case is easy to cause damage to the nozzle.


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The sublimation printing material in the air over the dry environment has changed, some chemical materials and coatings are likely to be incompatible with the ink, most of the photo machine-based materials in some of the paper in the case of dry air will be easy to make The material is erected and the coating absorbs too much ink.


The solution is not timely, then the nozzle and the motor is very easy to damage. So the use of the machine in the process of the best in the use of constant temperature indoor environment, the indoor air temperature and humidity can be used to control air conditioning.


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