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How About The Sensient Swift Sublimation Ink? Have You Use It Before?



ElvaJet Swift is the first digital sublimation ink to address all of the day-to-day requirements of printers. Sensient listened to our customers and Swift delivers excellence in color, drying time, transfer efficiency, printing performance and ease of use. Swift is your gateway to obtaining optimum productivity when printing fashion, interior textiles, sportswear and flag & banner.


Sensient Swift Sublimation Ink


ElvaJet Swift offers significant advantages in terms of color and cost efficiency, allowing you to use less ink to achieve outstanding results. The lower ink requirement and unrivalled transfer performance allows the use of light weight paper enabling further cost savings.


Sensient Swift Sublimation Ink


ElvaJet Swift inks are suitable for printing onto polyester via transfer paper with many large format water-based Epson piezo printers using DX series heads. Swift inks offers a saving in ink coverage, which significantly reduces the stress on the transfer paper, thus reducing cockling and requiring less drying power. This range offers not only the highest performance in term of printability but also the unique possibility of an easy and fast installation.


The ElvaJet Swift series is tested on the most frequently used printers equipped with Epson DX series printheads. The suitability of the sublimation inks for individual systems and applications should be validated by the user .If the inks dry in the nozzles, the normal cleaning procedure built into the printer should be applied. It is recommended to use our specific cleaning solution .For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate should be kept at 55% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20°C (70°F).


Sensient Swift Sublimation Ink


ElvaJet Swift inks are designed for transfer to the substrate via any type of sublimation transfer paper or film. Once printed, the transfer paper should be handled with care and the ink transferred to the fabric as soon as possible. To obtain a good color transfer and fixing, the printed substrate should be transferred at 210°C (410°F) for 30s.


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