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What Should You Take Care For the Transfer Lines On Apparel



Sublimation Transfer lines are where you end up with a faint line in the fabric that corresponds to where the edges of the transfer sheet were located during pressing. They are caused by the shirt fibers melting along the edges of the transfer sheet. If you are an Embroiderer, transfer lines look kind of like hoop marks, except they are permanent.


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Your first option for preventing transfer lines on apparel is to experiment with your heat press settings. Consider dropping the temperature down to 300F and reducing the pressure to a very light setting. You might also cut back the pressing time from 21 seconds to about 35 seconds. Changes should be made gradually, as too much variance from the standard settings could affect image quality.


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Many Sublimators use a process that utilizes a sheet of high temperature foam during production to prevent lines from forming. Our company produces a turn-key kit complete with instructions and a YouTube video to explain the process. Teflon pillows are another tool that has been developed for apparel sublimation. Check with your equipment suppliers for more information.


One important thing to remember with apparel, is that different garments may need different settings. Regardless of which approach you use, be sure to document your settings for future reference.


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These are some of the most common issues encountered by Sublimators, and each of them is relatively easy to resolve. If you are still having trouble, then make sure you contact your equipment supplier to discuss. Don’t let production challenges slow you down or intimidate you. Most issues can be resolved over the phone! But first you have to make the call


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