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What Should You Do When The Output Colors Are Incorrect?(二)



With any device that displays or prints color, there is a limit as to the range of color that can be handled, something referred to as gamut. RGB devices have a larger gamut than do inks and printers. Thus, there may be colors that can be created on a computer that are outside of the range of the sublimation printing system.


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Popular graphics programs such as CorelDRAW and PhotoShop, come with a wide assortment of color palettes for creating graphics. However, those systems do not understand the range of color that you can print with your CMYK sublimation system (or any system for that matter).


Many Sawgrass color management systems such as PowerDriver provide color palettes that can be uploaded into these graphics programs. They are specific to the printing capabilities of the ink and printer you are using. This will help improve the imaging process as you will be working from a set of color values that are sublimation friendly rather than just random.


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With PowerDriver you can also create reference charts that correlate the final production colors to what you see on the screen. To do this, simply print the color palette that is used by your sublimation printer driver. Then press it onto a reference substrate such as a coated metal panel. This becomes a visual representation of what the colors will look like in their final form.


Select the colors for your design based on this chart (the output), rather than relying on the screen colors (the input). It may not look correct on the screen, but you will know what it will look like when it comes off the press.


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For more advanced color management you might want to invest in a RIP program which provides very precise tools for managing color and controlling production.



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