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What Should You Do When The Output Colors Are Incorrect?(一)


When doing the sublimation printing, pls noted: Rule Of Thumb – Output color is correct, it’s the input color that’s wrong. The problem of color mis-match is not usually the result of a defective system, rather it comes from the fact that there are multiple pieces of image rendering equipment involved in the process, each having different methods and ranges of color management.


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First and foremost, the computer monitor is displaying in RGB mode while the printer is printing in CMYK mode. And with sublimation printing, what comes out of the printer is not the final color as it will shift again during the pressing. It’s kind of like translating French to English to Spanish, you can get the general message across, but rarely is there a direct word-to-word match-up.


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It should be noted that a computer screen makes its own interpretation of color, thus what is displayed is probably not the correct color, so spending a lot of time trying to match the output of the printer to what is displayed on the monitor is probably a waste of time. It’s far more accurate to generate proofs for the customer to review and making sure that the correct color management settings are being applied to ensure color accuracy for the final product.


For the Epson models, and you are using a PC, you should have downloaded and installed PowerDriver. This includes the printer driver, a color management driver and color-matching tools. If used correctly, the Power Driver will help ensure that the proper colors are printed each and every time. If you are using a MAC platform, the tools are a little bit different. You will download and install a printer driver, then use the MAC Profiles for color matching.


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For those using the Creative Studio system you will download and install the Creative Studio Print And Color Manager which has many of the same functions as Power Driver.



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