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What Is Resin Coated Photo Paper 


During recent years there has been considerable growth in the use of inkjet printers for producing photographs. Results from inkjet printers are normally disappointing when printed on standard paper because they lack density, vibrancy, and sharpness which is why special coated photo papers are recommended for the purpose.

double side matte coated paper


It is a difficult decision for us how to choose the right coated photo paper How long do you need your prints to last? Do you need them to be printed quickly? One of the most popular choices when it comes to photo paper ,we all know that it can suit for all inkjet printers(epson, cannon, hp, nec, fuji etc.)and high resolution printers.Specificions of photo paper are below :1.High quality photo printing2.Ultra-fine print3.Special coating for color printing4.High quality reproduction with color inkjet printers5.Clear & vivid image with bluish white paper6.Sharp image when printing small characters

photo paper

Some things about photo paper you should keep in mind :1.Do not bend or break the paper surface
2.Avoid high temperature, humidity & sunlight
3.After opening the polybag container, use paper asap
4.Please follow your printers manual to receive high results