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Whats the Advantages for the High Release Dye Sublimation Paper




As we all know different sublimation paper have different release, so do you know the detail advantages for the high release sublimation paper? There is a potential for “tracking” where the feed wheels on your printer function pick up and deposit “tracks” of ink.  There is also the potential for  instances of “blow out” on hard goods like ceramics and FRP, if the dye is released so quickly that the coating cannot absorb it at the same rate. High release paper may also be more susceptible to curling, printer jams, humidity, and other environmental issues.


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Low or Standard Release papers usually have just the opposite qualities from high release sublimation papers. They dry very quickly, so there are rarely any smearing issues.  They also work very very well on all hard goods like ceramics and FRP with little, if any, “blow out”. Unlike high release papers, however, they require much more time in the heat press to get the dye out. Reducing the press time even a little can cause colors to be less vibrant. Long amounts of time in the heat press can also cause yellowing or other damage to coatings and fabrics.  This class of paper, however,  is virtually immune to paper jams or other environmental issues, and works equally well in a variety of printers and environments.


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Our sublimation papers, as you may have already figured out, combine the best properties of both of the previous types of paper.  After testing a wide variety of papers over the years, now our paper all have the high release, good transfer rate also the vivid color.


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