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The Problem You may Meet when transfer Hard Substrates & How to Solve it?



As we all know, sublimation printing can use on many materials, Appeal,

Home Internal, Advertisement, Hard Substrates, Today we will introduce the main problem we will meet when transfer hard substrates.


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The problem is in the polymer coating itself. Referring back to the recommended press times for ceramic tiles and polyester garments gives us a clue. Ceramic is much harder than fabric so it generally takes much longer to sublimate. But remember, we’re not actually staining the ceramic itself, but the polymer coating that’s been applied to enable decoration. The softer that polymer coating is, the more quickly it opens to the dye and allows the sublimation process to begin.  And that’s where the problem is.

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Some items coming to market have softer than normal polymer coatings. According to well placed industry source, some polymer-coated mugs being imported from Asiahave coatings so soft, the heat transfer paper melts into it during the heat press cycle. Not good. The same is true of polyester apparel. Perhaps in a bid to match cotton for its trademark softness and comfort, some manufacturers are turning out polyester garments that are so soft, the standard settings don’t work. It’s a good thing if your customer wants a really soft garment. Not so good if you can’t decorate it properly.


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To reduce the possibility of confusing yourself or your staff, it’s always a good idea to start with the recommended industry standards. For polyester apparel, that benchmark is still 400° for 35 – 40 seconds. But, if you see a sudden drop in quality, you now have a simple solution. Less is more.


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