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 Are Your Looking for a Professional Digital Textile Printing Machine ?



The demand for printed textiles continues to grow. Digitally printed sportswear, curtains, pillows, flags and banners are just a few examples of this very popular printing application. Are you considering adding textile prints to your product range or are you thinking of replacing your current printer? Then choose the new TX1804-E 1.8M Sublimation Printer . Its outstanding print quality, wide colour range and stable performance will more than meet your expectations.


digital textile printing



Then, the new TX1804-E 1.8M Sublimation Printer is the ideal solution. This sublimation printer gives you gorgeous print quality and bright colours. Combine all of that with the competitive price and you are making a very smart investment, one that will pay itself back in no time at all.


digital textile printing


The TX1804-E 1.8M Sublimation Printer is available with four or eight colours. The eight colour version uses light cyan, light magenta, orange and violet in addition to the standard colours (CMYK). These light colours ensure natural skin tones and beautiful pastel shades. The orange ink reproduces vivid and vibrant orange tones. Violet extends the available colour range in the blue-purple area of the spectrum. 


digital textile printing


This extended colour spectrum is right in line with the requirements of textile printing. For soft signage, however, four ink colours are sufficient.


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