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 Why sublimation ink are so important for the digital sublimation printing



Sublimation printing onto coated papers is already an established process for indirect digital textile printing, and for sublimation ink technology itself, this is based on the property of dyestuff.


sublimation ink


The inks currently available are able to sublimate onto coated paper at a very hot temperature, whilst being able to permanently dye textile fibres or synthetic materials that they are in contact with during the sublimation process.


sublimation ink


The application of the sublimation ink is made by inkjet printing with piezo technology, onto sublimation paper. Traditionally the paper must be coated in order for the ink to adhere properly during the sublimation process. This is followed by drying, coupling with the substrate, which the coloured effect has to be adhered by the hot transferring of the colour, by calender or flat press, at a temperature range of 180 to 220°C, for between 30 and 180”.


sublimation ink

So it is clear that the role played by the coated paper in the indirect printing process is very important. The paper must have special features allowing it to be a perfect transfer medium in order to achieve an effect that is as similar as possible to the image that the operator can see on the display.


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