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The Sublimation Transfer Paper Usage in the Digital Printing Area



The sublimation print production companies demand to be able to print with inks that easily allow them to reach a wide colour gamut, in order to be able to reproduce their output as accurately as possible.


sublimation transfer paper


Up to the present day, in order for this to be possible, papers that have a surface coating have been used, allowing the ink to deposit in the most effective way: the ink remains on the surface of the paper, so that it can create a “means” that is as suitable as possible for the decoration of synthetic materials, offering the right compromises in the best balances in the process. This is important among the “surface floating”, the drying time and the quality results.


sublimation transfer paper


It should be noted that coated papers were developed for a purpose that is completely different from sublimation printing, and are typically coming from, and designed for food packaging.


Initially, the sublimation process was adopted by the sportswear market and used as a key process for the production of 'soft' textile signage. But the new combination of DIGISTAR HI-PRO and lower cost paper is also very well suited to the fashion world, since it is able to achieve the colours and shades that the designers are so fond of.


sublimation transfer paper



For sure, traditional coated papers will not disappear, since they still afford, in general, a high quality in the decoration of the synthetic fibres. But certainly, for some kinds of application, it will be possible to replace them with this new technology. This trend is already underway in different markets, and many customers are attracted by this new offer, since they are excited by the remarkable saving it can give them, whilst also adding new possibilities with markets such as fashion.


sublimation transfer paper

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