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 Is that humidity really important for sublimation transfer paper



All of us know that the humidity and temperature are very important to the sublimation paper printing, today we will introduce you the detail for the humidity for the sublimation paper.


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First of all, let’s discuss what humidity does to sublimation paper.Your sublimation paper can retain an enormous amount of moisture, so exposing it to humid air is like setting a sponge in a pool of water. Excess moisture in your paper is not a good thing and can lead to problems like color shifting (colors lose accuracy), bleeding of the image, and uneven transfer of solid filled areas. If you can, store your sublimation paper in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. If that isn’t possible, try to avoid humidity related problems by keeping your sublimation paper sealed in a plastic bag.


sublimation transfer paper


If you paper is exposed to humid air and does soak up some excess moisture,  you have a couple of options. One is to set the sublimation paper on your press for a few seconds. Do not press it. Just expose it to the warmth. The heat radiating from the press should help evaporate most of the moisture. If you’ve already printed a transfer  you can try to save the transfer by heating it in your heat press.   To eliminate the excess moisture, place the printed transfer 2″ to 3″ below the heat platen for 30 – 40 seconds. When you do this, the result may be that the colors in the transfer appear washed out or faded. This is normal and the anticipated result of color adjustment for the transfer process.


sublimation transfer paper


As a general rule,  the optimum environment for sublimation printing is one that has low humidity and is reasonably cool. You may have to do some experimenting to find the correct humidity and temperature levels for your particular climate.


sublimation transfer paper


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